These are some of the amazing talent we have worked with who have helped us on our projects along the way.

Mariah Schultz - Violin on Cinema Finis

Chris Kringel - Fretless Bass/Producer- Chris has been a part of the Fibonacci Sequence recording process since Numerology. He was not only the producer but also played Fretless Bass on all but one track. He is also producing "Cinema Finis".

Mark Krueger - Voice Artist Mark has been a staple in the Milwaukee Music Scene since 1977. He has added his distinctive voice to Cinema Finis. Listen close and you'll hear him speak to you!!!!

Francis Ford Visual Artist - Cinema Finis Renowned Milwaukee artist has lent his amazing talent and vision to bring to life the concepts and world of Cinema Finis

Kevin Arndt - Drum Engineer Kevin engineered the drum recording for Fibonacci Sequence on "We Three Kings", "Numerology" and the new album "Cinema Finis". Click his picture to find out how to utilize his amazing ear and talent.

Michael DiMilo Visiual Artist - Cinema Finis Michael is a well known artist in Milwaukee and is contributing to the artistic vision of Cinema Finis.

Elizabeth Grimm Violin - Numerology